International conference: Presentations of the thematic seminar

International conference: Presentations of the thematic seminar
28.02.2022 02:39, —
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February 28, 2022 in Osh,
March 2, 2022 in Bishkek

  1. "Civil budget online as a tool for openness of local budgets", presenter: Anara ASADOVA, deputy of the local kenesh of the Sadovoe AA, Chui region, KR
  2. “Motivating Citizen Participation in Local Budget Decision Making through the Implementation and Distribution of the Local Development Fund (LDF) Application”, presenter: Khaliungoo GANBAT, Urban Governance Project Manager, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  3. "Public hearings as a form of budgetary dialogue between LSGs and citizens, including women and vulnerable groups", presenter: TURGUNBAY uulu Aitibek, head of the FEO of Kok-Zharsky AA, KR
  4. “Participation Budget: Experience of the Russian Federation”, Presenter: Alexander KOVALEVSKY, Institute for Budget Solutions, Russia
  5. “Budget Dialogue between Local Self-Government Bodies and the Center: Latvian Experience”, Presenter: Mudite PRIEDE, Secretary General of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments
  6. “Planning joint actions, including the needs of women and vulnerable groups”, presenter: Bolot SADYKOV, Head of the aiyl okmotu of Kara-Suu AA, KR
  7. “Joint Monitoring and Evaluation”, presenter: Daniyar KAYNAZAROV, Head of Aiyl Okmotu of Aleksandrovsky AA, KR
  8. "Participation of initiative groups in the implementation of programs", presenter: Mukhtar SHERBAYEV, Head of the aiyl okmotu of Pervomaisky AA, KR
  9. “Local Self-Government Best Practices Portal, the Municipality Magazine and the Local Self-Government Academy as an Opportunity to Disseminate Best Practices”, Presenter: Elina SAKKARAEVA, Project Specialist, Kyrgyz Republic
  10. “Local initiative in the Kyrgyz Republic as a way of local social development with the participation of citizens”, presenter: Elmira ASKAROVA, Deputy Head of aiyl okmotu of Orozbekov AA, KR
  11. "Social order at the local level: the experience of Kazakhstan", presenter: Gulbara SULTANOVA, Vice-Chairman of the Civil Defense Committee of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  12. "Social ordering at the local level: the experience of the Kyrgyz Republic", presenter: Ainura KOZHOMKULOVA, chief specialist of the mayor's office of the city of Kara-Balta, KR