About us

Expertise, innovations, best practices

DPI is the Kyrgyz a not profit and non-government organization uniting experts that have many years of well recognized experiences in the sphere of: various fields of legislation, reforms of public and municipal management, local self-governance (LSG) and community development; and mass communication.

Our mission: promoting local communities and governments in the implementation of the human right and opportunity to live with dignity.

Sphere of activities  

  • Political, administrative and financial independence of LSG
  • National and local legislation
  • Public and municipal finances management, including IT technologies
  • Local economic development
  • Municipal property management
  • Public private partnership
  • Enhancing LSG potential
  • Relationship and interaction of LSG with the Government
  • Community involvement in budget process, transparency of public and municipal finance and other resources management
  • Access to information processed by central and local governments
  • Economic journalism 
  • Development of regional (local) mass media
  • Improvement of economic and financial literacy of the population
  • Municipality magazine

What we believe?

We believe that Kyrgyzstan is a strong, rich and independent country with bright future, the country with capacities necessary to create the best conditions for human development. We believe that unified multi-ethnic people of Kyrgyzstan are carriers of the best features of human civilization – kindness, compassion, hospitality, love of nature, self-sacrifice in the name of lofty goals. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan can and love to learn, generate ideas, create and master technologies, ready to share experience and perceive the best of other nation’s achievements, appreciate open and friendly relationships with close and distant neighbors.
We believe that local communities of Kyrgyzstan are an unlimited source of country development, keepers of best traditions of various ethnic groups and the cornerstone for creation of future of the united Kyrgyzstan. Despite the hardships of the transition period Local communities of Kyrgyzstan keep creating spiritual and material values, remain being an unlimited source of life, hope and faith in the future.

We believe that local self-government is not just part of the government system of our country, that it is something even more important and comprehensive then just a government body. From the birth to the last breathe each citizen of Kyrgyz Republic lives in a city or a village (local community/commune), and this resident governs his/her community though local self-government bodies, thus contributing to adequate environment for human development. We believe that local self-government is a wide range of edges of human life, including both: simple domestic services, infrastructure and managerial aspects; and the highest category of values: culture, education and spirituality. 

We believe that choice made by Kyrgyzstan towards decentralization and local self-government development was the only right decision. We believe that experience gained during the past years is not disappearing but accumulating and enriches future generations of local communities. We believe that strong local self-government will bring to Kyrgyzstan stability of community, stability of state, harmonious development of every individual, economic growth, and recognition in the international arena. 

We believe that our efforts in local community development to engage citizens in solving issues of local importance bring practical results and help building democracy in Kyrgyzstan; that initiatives originated in and by communities are effective. We believe that Human being is center, resource and goal of any development activities.



  • Since 2009 till 2015 DPI implemented more than 30 projects. The main principle of development or choice of a project is its full accordance to DPI’s Mission and possibilities for quality and timely implementation of the project. The main projects are:
  • “My local self-government in my Constitution”, 2010 г. Development of the eighth chapter of the Constitution and active participation in design and public discussions of LSG related legislation. Project was funded by several sources.
  • “Voice of citizens and accountability of local self-government: budget process”, 2011 – 2020. Funded by Swiss government. Coverage – the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • National Report on Human Development, 2012. “Local self-government is a base for human development, community stability and economic growth. The biggest analytical and political document in LSG sphere for the last five years. Funded by UNDP.
  • “Citizen budget – 2011” and “Citizen budget – 2012”. Joint product with Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic – introduced per capita indices which make budget more comprehensive for citizens. Funded by Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan.
  • Inventory and Registration of Municipal Property, 2011-2012. Identified and documented about 500 hectars of unaccounted municipal land in more than 40 rural municipalities in Kyrgyzstan. Financed by OSCE and Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan.
  • Joint projects on Economic and Budget Journalism with Press Club of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange of the Kyrgyz Republic and University of Central Asia, 2010-2012. Coverage - most of Kyrgyz mass media. Financed by Centre of International Private Entrepreneurship, the World Bank, Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan.
  • Participation of Youth in Local Self-Governance, 2011-2012 Development of Youth Policy and Implementation of Youth projects. Funded by Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan.
  • Big number of projects on development


DPI regularly conducts researches and develops analytical reports on some topics including:

  • Assessment of local services by citizens (citizen satisfaction survey)
  • Content analysis of print mass-media of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and United States

DPI also periodically evaluates various aspects of municipal government, public and municipal services, and other areas. In researches DPI uses the whole range of instruments, including innovation, such as the Index of local self-government and Municipal capacity index of social justice.


Municipality magazine

Popular scientific bilingual (Kyrgyz and Russian) monthly magazine Municipality is founded and published by DPI at its own expense with financial support of donor organizations. Distributed free of charge throughout the country to LSGs, public institutions, universities, libraries, mass media and community organizations. Number of printed copies varies from 1000 to 3000 copies.

Concept of the magazine is based on understanding of a municipality as unity of territories, population residing on this territory and LSG bodies. This concept allows to affect wide variety of topics related to regional development, life of communities and a person; and municipal management. All editions of the magazine are available at the DPI website of www.dpi.kg and www.municipalitet.kg


Advantages and opportunities

DPI is founded by experts in the sphere of regional development, having huge experience in the sphere of LSG and communication. In 2012 twenty five permanent expert and 15 temporary experts are involved in implementation of projects. DPI has good experience in conducting conferences with total number of up to 500 people, in organizing study tours on exchange of experience and trainings, in conducting competitions, tenders, information campaigns, research and expertise and other events. Advantages and opportunities of the productive team of DPI are:

  • Experience of many years and wide expertise in reforms of LSG and public management decentralization policy
  • High qualification and deep knowledge of experts
  • Diversified and complex approach to tasks
  • Practical positive result orientation in improvement of well-being of local communities
  • Multi-year experience of effective project management including budgeting based on competitive disbursement, monitoring and evaluation of results based on clear measurable indicators
  • Good reputation of reliable partner of LSG, based on good history of relationship with municipalities
  • Close and long mutual partnership with public institutions, noncommercial and international organizations, mass media
  • Strong team spirit; substitutability, solidarity and responsibility
  • High quality and the best technologies applied for design and delivery of various trainings for adults and for information campaigns in three languages (Kyrgyz, Russian and English)  



Audited financial statement for 2012

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