Development Policy Institute INVITES SENIOR PUPILS OF SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC to participate in Summer School “Financial Literacy of Youth - Factor for Success of Country”

28.04.2014 13:22
Summer school is organized by the Development Policy Institute in collaboration with the Foundation of Educational Initiative Support – provider of “Evergreenia Republic” camp

For detailed information about the project concept please see the following link:
In order to become successful, having knowledge on general subjects at school is not enough. You should know how to manage your money. No matter what you want to be, whether you do business, join civil service or start working in non-governmental organization. Everywhere you will need knowledge about finance!
Legislation in many countries obligates parents to give pocket money to their children. Therefore, the parents teach the children from pre-school age to spend money properly and plan own expenses. In Kyrgyzstan almost no one teaches children to manage their finances. When becoming an adult, a school graduate does not know how to plan a personal budget, make savings, and raise money for leisure, treatment and education. Has no idea about insurance, investments, funded pension. Cannot protect financially themselves and future children. It is impossible to become happy and successful adult without starting to improve financial literacy from the school age.
Aim of FL-FS Project is to create conditions for young people to improve financial literacy and disseminate knowledge of personal finance management; knowledge that is essential for successful and healthy life.
We are looking for active pupils, who are ready to become leaders in financial enlightenment in own region! With this project you can:
1) participate in the 10-day Summer School of Financial Literacy for high school pupils in June 2014; all expenses will be covered by the project;
2) in own village or city establish and develop movement of financial literacy improvement of general population and youth in particular;
3) have advantages for participation in future projects on financial literacy.
To apply for the Summer School and to be selected for it, you need to write an essay, where you should give brief but complete answers to the following questions:
1. What is your sex, date of birth, place of residence and school you study at?
2. Why do you think it is important to improve financial literacy of the population in general and youth in particular?
3. How school pupils’ financial literacy may be improved?
4. Do you have any experience of public service?
Your essay should be no more than 2 (two) pages, single-spaced in 12 pt. Times font.
You do not need to have any specific financial knowledge!
The essay deadline is 18:00 on May 27, 2014. Your essay should be sent (in person, by post, email, fax) to the following addresses:
• Postal address: 44, Usenbaev Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic;
• Email: and
• Fax: +996 312 97-65-30

Shortlisted candidates will be notified by May 30, 2014. Selected participants must be ready to come to “Good Lake” resort in Issyk-Kul from 12 to 22 June 2014.
For Parents:
The Summer School on Financial Literacy is organized with cooperation with the Foundation of Educational Initiative Support, organization that is conducting the 18th camp of “Evergreenia Republic”. The Summer School is conducted in comfortable resort Good Lake in Issyk-Kyl. There will be 4-times meal for children. The total 50 children aged from 15 to 17 years from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic will take part in the Summer School. Both school and leisure activities will be managed by the team of 10 teachers-supervisors and 5 experts. Each teacher-supervisor will work with a team of 5 children the whole day, and will provide control and attention to each child.

Main Experts of the Summer School:
PRUTCHENKOV Aleksandr Sergeevich, professor of Economics Chair ( at the Moscow Institute of Open Education ( has extensive experience in conducting activities and outstanding workshops on improvement of financial literacy for school pupils of Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.
IVANOV Aleksandr Petrovich, head of the Foundation of Educational Initiative Support (Kyrgyzstan) – the organization, that executes the project “Evergreenia Republic” – educational camp for young people, where the participants during 12 days build model of state with respective powers, economy, culture, etc. Also FEIS organizes Children School of Economics, an offsite 10-day event, where the pupils get to know about economics in the format of games and interesting sessions.
SIMONOVA Nelly Yakovlevna, director of “SENTI” financial company, one of the founders of the movement for financial literacy improvement in the Kyrgyz Republic, the author of instruction methods for adults about basics of financial literacy, the leader of the Stock Market of the Kyrgyz Republic.
“Financial Literacy of Youth – Factor of Success of Country “ (FL-FS) is executed with financial support of: Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan “Voice of citizens and accountability of LSG: budget process” project funded by the Swiss Government in cooperation with the Department for International Development, UK