World Bank Country Office in the Kyrgyz Republic and DPI jointly presented the report "Human Development Index in the Kyrgyz Republic"

16.12.2013 15:32
As a main speaker there was invited Sailesh Tiwari, Consultant of World Bank.

December 12, 2013 in the conference hall of the Development Policy Institute was presented to the World Bank report "Index chelovekcheskogo development in the Kyrgyz Republic".

Important message of the report is that the conditions and environment that has developed around the child at the time of his birth , should not affect his chances in life or access to basic needs in education, health , infrastructure and housing benefits . Currently, however, found that such invariable personality attributes such as gender , race, ethnicity or socio- economic status of parents are important factors in whether people have access to basic features or not.

The report uses data of the official survey conducted in the country to assess the degree of inequality of opportunities children. As the first work of its kind in Kyrgyzstan , this study not only enriches the existing work on defining poverty and provides advanced tools for measuring inequality , but also improves our understanding of how personal circumstances affect their children's access to basic opportunities.

As the keynote speaker spoke Saylesh Tiwari (Sailesh Tiwari), World Bank consultant . During the presentation, explanations were given to such questions as :
What is equality of opportunity ?
How to measure inequality of opportunity ?
How great inequality of opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic ?
How knowledge gained from such an analysis can be useful for policy?

Presentation participants took part in the discussion on the possible use of this index in Kyrgyzstan and pointed to communication and complementarity with such indices as the Human Development Index and Municipal index of social justice, the calculation of which was carried out by the Institute of Development Policy in 2013.