State Budget - Family Budget

21.02.2013 18:49
Theme of budget and its features was explained to students of the BHU in the course of seminar.
State Budget  - Family Budget

At the Bishkek Humanities University there was held another master-class for Journalism Faculty students within the CIPE Project.

The subject of the workshop was such important theme as budget – family and state.

The concept of the budget, what is its nature and what appear to function? 

The Media Expert of the Project, Larissa Lee told students about this. During the workshop the presentation was presented to participants which demonstrated the role of the budget, and the way of its distribution. For example, which part of the state treasury is spent on education, health care, maintenance of government and parliament, as well as other areas. 

Students also expressed their views on the state budget, have tried to define the budget: "The budget - a financial purse of the state", - said one of the students, this was met with approval by experts. "This is a good definition and typical for journalist," - commented Larissa Lee

During the workshop, students took part in the exercises, assignments, and were able to analyze materials written by their colleagues on the previous themes of master classes.