What is the role of taxes in development of KR?

15.03.2013 13:08
Master-class for students-journalists,concerned to based incomes of country was hold on March 13, 2013.
What is the role of taxes in development of KR?

On March 13, 2013, at Bishkek Humanitarian University was hold master-class for students of Journalism Faculty. The theme of the seminar became incomes of country, especially on taxes and tax system of Kyrgyz Republic. The theme was chosen because of the popularity of taxes, tax payments and surely Single tax declaration are getting more and more among the people and Media. 

As a speaker was invited the head of working with tax payers Department of State Tax Service - Baktygul Kazakbaeva. Expert prepared presentation, explaining all details and based moments in tax system in simple for humanitarian students language.

Baktygul Kazakbaeva gave as more examples from the life in explaining new terminus for students. Besides, expert told about examples from foreign countries to compare with Kyrgyzstan. 

Students found this theme interesting, which follows from their active participation in discussing. They were interesting in tax rates, single tax declaration and others. 

"Does the rate of income tax depend on amount of salary? Someone can get 10 thousand soms, another one 100 thousand soms”, - asked one of the participants. “It’s very good question. Till the 1996 rate if income tax varied in depend of amount of salary. However, now we have single rate in 10%”,- gave the answer expert.