Memorandum of cooperation - joint work in LSG field

24.12.2012 12:24
On 24th of December was signed Memorandum of cooperation between the Development policy Institute and PU “Ayul Demilgesi”.
Memorandum of cooperation - joint work in LSG field

On December 24, 2012, Memorandum of Cooperation between the Institution "Development Policy Institute" and CSO "Ail Demilgesi" was signed. Director of CSO "Ail Demilgesi", Ainura Madraimova, said that only in consolidation of efforts and uniting capacities and capabilities of the two sides the implementation of reforms in the field of local self-government can be successfully achieved.

In the cooperation framework there are provided implementation of joint initiatives and activities aimed at improving local self-government. The Chairman of DPI Nadejda Dobretsova shared joint plans: "We plan to conduct joint developments and to implement various development projects, projects of concepts, strategies, programs, projects of regulations and other documents in the field of local self-government" - she said.

The main prerequisites of Memorandum were:

• intention to promote implementation of local self-government reforms,

• desire to assist in capacity building of local self-government bodies,

• partnership of Development Policy Institute and Ail Demilgesi will facilitate the efficient development of local self-government,

• previous joint experience in local self-government.

After the signing of the Memorandum the parties expressed their mutual hopes for close and fruitful cooperation.