DPI held a master class for journalism faculty students of the BHU

11.12.2012 14:08
On December 11,2012 at Bishkek Humanity University was held a master-class
DPI  held a master class for journalism faculty students of the BHU

On December 11, 2012, at the Bishkek Humanities University there was held a master class by the Development Policy Institute in the framework of CIPE project on development of economic journalism in Kyrgyzstan. The event was held as part of the faculty curriculum with intention to introduce journalism faculty students the concept of "economic journalism".

The master class was opened by the head of journalism faculty Altyn Asanova who briefly noted on the importance and relevance of the course. "Through discussions with DPI, we were able to reach an agreement that all 10 workshops are to be held on the basis of our faculty. This is a great opportunity for you as future journalists. Current trends show that journalists should be universal, and they have to understand all the areas. And the economy in this list is not in last place. We are very grateful that as part of its project for the media DPI agreed to give master classes at our place "- said the dean of faculty.

The chief project consultant Larissa Lee told about the course outline and introduced the topic of the first day.

The first day of the workshop consisted of a theoretical and practical parts. Subject of the first session - "Difficult money." As a lecturer / speaker there was invited the Executive Director of the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kyrgyzstan - Nargiza Djoldosheva. In her lecture she told the audience the background of such terms as "lending", "financing", "micro-financing", "leasing", "gray market", "loan shark", etc. To question what they know about microfinance, the students expressed their views, which, however, were right: people get loans, but they do not think about the consequences, people take loans purposelessly, financing personal events and weddings, but then go to the bottom, as money gone and with no business plan there is no way to get revenues to repay loans.

During the practical part of the workshop, participants were divided into six groups, and each group was given the task - to make a news story or an article based on the presentation of the first day. The results of individual works will be considered and discussed at the second day of a two-day workshop.