The Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project supported the implementation of the Safe Yard mini-project in Bishkek

10.03.2022 10:03
Media contact information: Nurgul Jamankulova, Information Policy Specialist, DPI, +996 770 771-711, +996 555/500 313-385, e-mail:
The Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project supported the implementation of the Safe Yard mini-project in Bishkek

At the beginning of March 2022, the Municipal Territorial Administration (MTA) No. 1 of Bishkek[1] implemented the Safe Yard mini-project at the expense of grant funds allocated under the Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project[2] - 8 video cameras were installed in the entrances of 2 multi-storey residential buildings. The Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project in Kyrgyzstan is being implemented by the international organization International Alert in partnership with the National Mediation Center and the Development Policy Institute with the financial support of the European Union.

"Our yard is located near the Osh market in Bishkek. And we have a high level of thefts - every month there are thefts of household appliances, cell phones from apartments, there were cases of thefts of car tires parked in the yard, hanging linen, carpets and rugs. Now that CCTV cameras are in place, we hope that the number of thefts will decrease, if not stop altogether. Incomplete 3 days have passed, but even the residents are already behaving differently, as they realize that now they are in full view. And I am proud that we have become a pilot “island” of the European Union project “Yntymaktuu zhashoo” in Bishkek – no other HOA has cameras yet,” said Orozaliyev Dzhumaly, mini-project leader, chairman of the Homeowners Association (HOA).

According to J. Orozaliev, a number of measures are planned until June of this year aimed at preventing and preventing cases of theft. Through the joint efforts of the members of the initiative group, they plan to hold a general meeting, organize a voluntary people's squad (DND) among young people, approve its composition and duty schedule. And all this will be implemented as part of their Safe Yard mini-project.

“Suspicions in the case of thefts fall on everyone and everyone, which gives rise to conflict between residents. This mini-project "Safe Yard" was aimed at solving this problem. According to the project plan, video surveillance cameras are now installed near each entrance and inside, and the main monitor is located in the apartment of the house committee, and the HOA acted as the applicant, - said Sultan Mayrambekov, a grant specialist for the Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project.

The total amount of the Safe Yard mini-project amounted to 159 thousand soms, of which 144 thousand soms were grant funds from the Yntymaktuu Zhashoo project, 15 thousand soms were the contribution of the local community. The total number of direct beneficiaries was 600 local residents.

Media contact information: Nurgul Jamankulova, Information Policy Specialist, DPI, +996 770 771-711, +996 555/500 313-385, e-mail:


[1] MTА No. 1 is one of 6 territorial departments of the Leninsky district, located in the southwestern part of Bishkek, with a total population of 36,003 people (of which women - 47%, men - 53%). On the basis of MTА No. 1, there are 12 quarterly committees, 49 house committees, 81 HOAs, 2 aksakal courts, 1 council of veterans.

[2] International Alert, together with the Institute for Development Policy and the National Center for Mediation, with the support of the European Union, works in Kyrgyzstan to create a platform to support active youth, civil society and local governments in preventing social conflicts, maintaining law and order, as well as teaching mediation skills in 25 selected places in Kyrgyzstan. The goal of "Living in Peace" project is to support active youth, civil society and local self-government bodies in conflict prevention, support of rule of law, effective governance, and mediation in 25 districts of Kyrgyzstan. Details: :