Study tour on sharing experience of the municipal enterprise “Masy Tazalyk” development with the representatives from 26 municipalities

13.09.2021 10:51
That event was organized by the Public Service Improvement Project.
Study tour on sharing experience of the municipal enterprise “Masy Tazalyk” development with the representatives from 26 municipalities

On September 6-7, 2021 Masy ayil aimak and its municipal enterprise (ME) “Masy Tazalyk” in Nooken district of Jalal-Abd region hosted a study tour on the organizational development and experience of ME “Masy Tazalyk”, organized by the Public Service Improvement Project, funded by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by Helvetas Kyrgyzstan and Development Policy Institute.

During two-day study tour 59 participants from 26 target municipalities of Issyk-Kul and Jalal-Abad regions learned new methods of organization of public services through municipal enterprises as well as deepened their understanding of the necessary reforms to further develop municipal enterprises. 

32-year-old Myrzabekov Nurkan came to the study tour from Ak-Jol municipality in Aksy district of Jalal-Abad region. As a young active public servant, he works as an accountant in Ak-Jol ayil okmotu. He said “During two-day study tour, we acquired a considerable amount of new knowledge, starting from creating municipal enterprise to fully operating and maintaining its functions in accordance with the law of the Kyrgyz Republic. The most useful part was their experience with tariffs for public services, namely collection and removal of household solid waste in the Masy ayil aimak”.

Another participant from municipal enterprise “Kyzyl-Suu Tazalyk” in the Ton district of Issyk-Kul region, Kenenbaev Rysbek commented: “Personally, I liked the way municipal enterprise works with its subscribers as it is indicated in their Act of completed work. Another notable factor in their performance was the rate of collected tariff from the people. Despite the fact that the tariff of ME “Masy Tazalyk” is considerably higher than ours, Masy ayil okmotu and the municipal enterprise are doing good job, as they presented”.

Moreover, this study tour was designed to disseminate the experience of Masy Tazalyk MP in creating and applying an accounting policy which is considered to be the most effective and efficient for solving local issues.

At the end participants noted that the study tour encouraged them and they are ready to use their knowledge and skills fully for the benefit and development of their municipal enterprises in the target municipalities.

Project conducted previous study tours in 2018 to Toktogul city and Kumbel municipality. There is also a plan to conduct next study tour by the end of the year.