Cleanliness is the source of a healthy lifestyle

09.04.2019 18:57
In Kenesh and Beshik-Zhon AA services are organized to maintain cleanliness in villages.
Cleanliness is the source of a healthy lifestyle

In the village Sovet located in the center of the Kenesh ayil aymak the opening ceremony was held on completion of the Service Improvement Action Plans (SIAP) improving service to maintain cleanliness for the entire local population, as well as inter-municipal cooperation between Kenesh and Beshik-Zhon aiyl aymaks. The ceremony was attended by head of the state administration- akim of the Bazar-Korgon District, A.K. Begimkulov, the head of the Kenesh AO, R. B. Omurzakov, and deputies of the Kenesh Aiyl kenesh, the employees of the municipal enterprise “Kenesh-Tazalyk”, project team members, as well as the villagers of Kenesh AO.

In order to develop inter-municipal cooperation between the Kenesh and Beshik-Zhon ayil aymaks to provide services on the solid waste collection and disposal, the Service Improvement action plan was developed to ensure this service. Inadequate provision of the service and inappropriate conditions for the collection and removal of household solid waste caused the local population threw garbage on the streets, near rivers and also in public places. As a result, the sanitary and environmental conditions in the region have worsened,which in turn affected the growth of infectious diseases among the population.

As a technical grant from the project funds were allocated for:

• AO specialists, AK deputies as well as service providers capacity-building to provide high-quality and sustainable services to the population – 63 180 soms;

• for the preparation of relevant documents and for hiring the services of experts – 173 600 soms;

• and also to create a joint group on monitoring and evaluation of the work done within the framework of the SIAP - 12 300 soms;


As a result, the Kenesh AO prepared 3 SIAPs to improve services that were presented to the grant commission of the “Public Service Improvement” project funded by the Government of Switzerland through Swiss Agency on Development and Cooperation, among which two were supported:

  • SIAP on “collection and removal of solid household waste services for the population of Kenesh AA”: Total budget of the SIAP: 478,230 soms, out of which: 418 230 soms were allocated as a grant, 60 000 soms as Kenesh ayil okmotu’s own contribution. As part of the SIAP implementation Kenesh Aiyl Aimak, sites for garbage containers were identified and 14 fences were built. With the help of fences, the collected waste does not scatter throughout the outskirts, thereby improving the sanitary and ecological environment in AA. As a result, all the necessary conditions for the collection and removal of garbage for the local population.
  • SIAP on “Providing a service for the collection and removal of domestic waste for the people of Kenesh and Beshik-Jon” in the framework of inter-municipal cooperation: Total budget of the SIAP: 5,777,644 soms, out of which: 5 million soms were allocated as a grant, 458 072 soms as Kenesh aiyl okmotu’s own contribution, Beshik-Jon ayil okmotu's own contribution amounts to 319 572 som. During the SIAP implementation, KO-440-2 GAZ-3309 model a special waste collection vehicle with back loading was purchased. And 42 garbage containers for Kenesh AO and 36 for Beshik-Jon AO were purchased. In the village of Mogol-Korgon of the Kenesh AA, a 3-hectare landfill site was fenced with iron fences. Moreover, night lighting was conducted on the territory of the landfill to create conditions for waste recycling in the future. As a result, for 30577 residents of the Kenesh AA, for 13180 residents of the Beshik-Zhon AA, as well as for 145 social objects and 288 households, the service for the collection and removal of solid household waste was improved. The quality of services for the provision of solid waste collection and removal is regularly monitored and evaluated by the joint monitoring and evaluation team (JM&ETeam). On October 22, 2018, at a joint meeting of deputies of the Kenesh AK and Beshik-Zhon AK, issues of inter-municipal cooperation were discussed and approved.

Turdukulov Medet, the head of the Sovet AO: “14 fences that were built with the help of the “Public Service Improvement”, as well as the acquired garbage containers, were an innovation for the entire population. As a result of improved services for the collection and removal of solid waste, our environment has become cleaner, the roads are also always clean, now we are pleased to walk and see how the area where we live is becoming more beautiful”.

“As part of the SIAP implementation, the municipal enterprise (MP) “Kenesh-Tazalyk” was created and agreements on cooperation in the provision of garbage removal services between the municipal enterprise and the Kenesh AO, between MP and subscribers, identifying all the rights and obligations of the parties were signed. The MP was also provided with technical equipment, and a special billing program for working with subscribers. At public hearings of two, Kenesh and Beshik-Zona aiyl aimaks, the residents discussed and approved tariffs for the collection and removal of solid waste. To strengthen the material and technical base of the MP and to create appropriate conditions for the workers, the premises, tools, arc welding apparatus and special clothes for workers of MP were allocated, – said Asel Mambetova, PSI Project Manager.

According to the results of citizens' evaluation cards, the public hearings were held by the AO, where residents received answers to their questions and full information on the service of collecting, transporting and disposing of solid waste, on the activities of the municipal enterprise, on tariffs, contracts, including all events held within the “Public Service Improvement” project. Residents support the organization of this service in the AA.