Street lights are installed on the central streets of two villages of Zhany-Zhol Ayil Aimak of Aksy district

29.08.2018 14:11
The length of the outdoor lighting line in the village of Tashtak is 3 km, in the village of Zhany-Zhol – 2 km
Street lights are installed on the central streets of two villages of Zhany-Zhol Ayil Aimak of  Aksy district


On August 16, 2018 in the framework of the “Public Service Improvement” Project an opening ceremony of street lighting took place in the villages of Tashtak and Zhany-Zhol.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the HELVETAS and Development Policy Institute, representatives of PSI project, the head of the Aksy rayon state administration, the head of the Aksy rayon’s education department, the head of the Zhany-Zhol AO, as well as the residents of Tashtak and Zhany-Zhol villages.

The project aims to provide support to LSGs in solving the local issues and in supplementing high-quality and sustainable services to the local population. In this regard, in accordance with the requirements of the local population of Zhany-Zhol ayil aymak with 7 thousand inhabitants, the issue of improving street lighting services was put on the agenda.

During the project, the action plan was developed to improve the street lighting services that led to lighting solution of 3 km central street of Tashtak village and light up 2 km central street of Zhany-Zhol village.

  • The total budget of SIAP: 1 616 613 KGS;
  • Grant amount: 1 436 613 KGS;
  • Municipality’s own contribution: 180 000 KGS.

With the support of the project "Improving services at the local level", due to the improvement of night lighting services for 2,500 residents of two villages, favorable conditions were created for trade outlets, small entrepreneurs as well as 397 students and 75 teachers. In addition, the number of crimes in the villages of aimak decreased with the street lighting installation.

In Jany-Zholsky AO, the service for lighting roads and lighting public places was not properly provided due to the shortage of local municipal funds and because of the absence of the method on the service management. Based on the action plan for improving street lighting services, the method was developed to manage the process of service improvements, the follow-up budget calculations and municipal purchases were prepared. For the first time, a budget item on a municipal order appeared in the local aymak budget plan, and the qualitative, accessible and stable service was provided.