Civic Budget (SFK, 2012)

26.09.2012 00:00

Implementation: Development Policy Institute

(Project Manager: Jyldyz Kerimova, +996 312 97-65-30, +996 555 432-660,

Donation: Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan

Duration: November 2011 – September 2012

Location: Kyrgyz Republic

Purpose of the project:

  • Increase of budget transparency and accountability through development and testing of various civic budget formats.
  • Conducting sectorial expertise by calculating "per capita" and "by subject" indicators of the national budget, which will allow ordinary people to see the real cost of per capita or per consumer that would result in release of infographic, presentation for the Ministry of Finance’s website, brochures and flash presentations.

Mechanisms of project relization:

  • Creation of a working group with participation of all concerned parties to engage in the discussion of the budget and the decision by the (Ministry of Finance, Alliance For Transparent Budget, Multi-donor Trust Fund)
  • Development of various forms of Civic budget
  • Data base of experts  
  • Conduction of a sectoral analysis with participation of experts
  • Harmonization of different formats with stakeholders 
  • Publication of various forms of Civic budget
  • Dissemination of information through information distribution, articles and other materials in media and websites of ministries, institutes and civil society 
  • Regional presentations of Civic budget 
  • Press-conference
  • Round table - dissemination of project results.