Civic Budget (SFK, 2011)

13.09.2012 00:00

Implementation: Development Policy Institute

Donation: Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan 

Duration: December 2010 - July 2011

Coverage: all oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic

Purpose of the project: 

  • To achieve transparency and efficiency of the national budget through active participation of civil society in the budget process.


  • Citizen participation training design and delivery;
  • Design and conduct of information campaign for 2011 draft budget;
  • Design of Citizen budget;
  • Design of a new Citizen participation tool for Kyrgyzstan on citizen participation in budgetary process through formation of Sector (Education, Health, etc) Committees represented by CSOs to participate in midterm budget forecast design and discussions;
  • Facilitation of 27 Kyrgyz NGOs/CSOs’ participation in 2011 budgetary process;
  • Facilitation of a series of meetings, workshops for representatives of CSOs, Parliament members, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, international development donor organizations.


  • 28 representatives of civil society organizations had trained skills of increase in budget transparency and accountability.
  • Publication "Civic Budget 2011" was published. The publication has been discussed with the Ministry of Finance and aligned with the SFK Program "Budget transparency and accountability."
  • Established the Committee for the "Education" sector for consolidation of civil society representatives, which will generate a coherent position in the education sector.
  • Held thematic "round tables" on distinct expenditure and revenue budget issues involving the participating civil society organizations, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the state departments relevant of the subject under discussion.
  • Analytical document "New mechanisms of citizen participation in the budget process of the Kyrgyz Republic" was developed.