Learn about economic crimes on the lessons

14.03.2013 19:11
Theme of economic crimes was discussed during the master-class for students of BHU.
Learn about economic crimes on the lessons

The master-class within the Economic Journalism Development project held for students - future journalists at BHU. There was suggested such interesting theme as economic crimes. Is this occurrence popularized on territory of Kyrgyzstan? If yes, then could it be compare with criminal? Answers for these questions gave invited speaker – Sagyn Omuraliev, arbiter of International Court of Arbitration and senior professor at AUCA. 

Using the teaching background, expert told students about theory of economic crimes, explained what kind of crimes exist in total and by which laws they are regulate. Sagyn Omuraliev told also about “white-collar” crimes, which authors citizens used to see as politicians, deputies, businessmen and bankers, their crimes connected with big amount of money, like fraud and money laundering. In different “blue-collar” crimes are committed by citizens from low social position. For example robbery, brigandage, mugging and other crimes, where often takes place physical force.  

After the presentation expert gave examples of economic crimes, committed on territory of Kyrgyzstan so aroused big interest of young journalists. 

At the second part of seminar participants were divided to some teams and got determined theme, were making up plan of journalist investigation. Presenting their ideas, students could listen to critics from media expert and colleagues.

Expert- arbiter of International Court of Arbitration in the end of discussion reminded students: "Since you are the fourth branch of power, so a lot of things depend on your work. So you always should be objective, not taking somebody’s side, basing on personnel sympathy”.