Children are our future

12.04.2019 12:23
The kindergarten with 75 places opened in the village of Taran-Bazar in Kurmanbek municipality.
Children are our future

In the framework of the Public Service Improvement project, financed by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Helvetas and the Development Policy Institute, the renovated building of the Kyzgaldak kindergarten for 75 children was officially inaugurated in the village of Taran-Bazar.

The opening ceremony was attended by the HELVETAS Country Director Anja de Beer, representatives of the Development Policy Institute, representatives of the Public Service Improvement project, the head of the Suzak State Administration, the head of the Suzak Education Department, and by residents of the village of Taran-Bazar. The total amount of the SIAP grant is 2,000,000 KGS, out of which: the project grant – 800,000 KGS; Own contribution of the ayil okmotu – 1,200,000 KGS = 150% of the grant amount.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the improvement of services at the local level so that citizens have access to sustainable and high-quality services that meet the needs of the population. With the same purpose, further measures had been taken to improve the services of pre-school education in the village of Taran-Bazar. As a result, the construction and overhaul repair of the kindergarten for 75 places was completed. The new building of the kindergarten has a heating system and bathrooms installed and has opened its doors to 75 children of the Taran-bazar village. The building of preschool institution is officially handed over for the day-to-day management of the pre-school institution, which is in the nomenclature of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The Regulation on the admission of children to the preschool institution in the village of Taran-Bazar has been developed and approved by the Pedagogical Council with the approval of the District Department of Public Education. The full-time education and technical personnel have been approved (3 teachers and 7 technical staff). 18 soms per day are allocated for children from the local budget and the parental contribution is calculated 800 soms per month. Currently, 67 children are accepted to the kindergarten and among them 46 are boys and 21 are girls. 14 children out of 67 are from vulnerable families (children from low-income families, incomplete families, etc.). Special entitlements/benefits were not envisaged for vulnerable families in the local budget for 2018, because during the formation and adoption of the local budget, this service was not provided to the population. Benefits in the form of individual subsidies will be considered in the budget of 2019. Currently, the AO is preparing proposals and submitting it to the Local Council for consideration. The payments for communal services, such as heating, lighting, water supply, as well as meals for children are guaranteed and paid by the AO local budget. More funds are allocated for the technical personnel of preschool institution.

Project leader in Taran-Bazar village Osmonalieva Nisakan: “Since there was no kindergarten in Taran-Bazar, respectively, the provision of education for children of preschool age was not there either. Due to the lack of funds in the local budget, the issues of capital repair of the building and putting it into operation were also postponed. Currently, with the help of the “Public Service Improvement” project, a fully renovated kindergarten “Kyzgaldak” designed for 75 places started its work on accepting children. Currently, 67 children attend the kindergarten, and 17 employees have been provided with jobs. Moreover, privileges from the local budget for 2019 were provided for 14 children from low-income families. The local budget also allocated funds for food, coal during the heating season and for electricity. The parents of the children, in turn, are also actively involved and pay money in a timely manner so that the preschool education service is provided with high quality and remains sustainable.”

Thanks to the Public Service Improvement project, a favorable condition for the younger generation to obtain preschool education were created in the village of Taran-Bazar. In the process of SIAP implementation, the local government unit and its staff members were provided with the necessary information, guidance, and support to improve the capacity to manage sustainable and cost-effective services at the local level.