Court of Auditors: do we have results or not?

07.03.2013 13:34
Press-session, concerned to activity of Court of Auditors was organized on March 6, 2013.
Court of Auditors: do we have results or not?

Under the project «Strengthening understanding of economic issues in Kyrgyzstan» DPI conducted the press-session with participation of specialists from the Court of Auditors of the Kyrgyz Republic. Bermet Umurzakova, the head of the Statistics department, Samat Kyljiev, the head of the Analytics department, and Guljan Egimbaeva, the auditor in the Court of Auditors of KR, were invited as speakers.

The issues that were the subject of discussion were directly concerned: with what kind of financial frauds are the most common; is always a crime punishable; and what preventive measures does the Court of Auditors recommends to the Government to strengthen fiscal stability?

The specialists of the state audit supreme body started with presentation and told about the main functions of the CA, responsibilities, the audit process and ways of demonstrating results of audit inspections. After the presentation the CA specialists answered questions from journalists. However answers were quite restrained and in most cases did not contain specific data. They explained this by the fact that accurate data on the results of 2012 would be presented by May 2013, and then they would be able to give specific data on various issues.

«Now the significant reshuffle takes place. Did the current personnel policy affect you? Are there still old personnel? - asked one of the seminar participants.

«Mainly, there are new personnel, but most of them already have experience in government bodies», - answered Guljan Egimbaeva.

«You said that currently you are working more as inspectors rather than auditors. What is the difference between this two concepts?”, - the question followed from the next participant.

«Audit starts before the end of the accounting year. While inspection is post factum. The reason why we early start auditing, commonly in 9 month after beginning of the year, is that we can identify errors and point to them. State institution could correct them in timely manner», - replied specialists.

Also there were questions regarding which information media representatives are entitled to request and which one are not. The CA officials answered that the results of inspections could not be disclosed as long as they are not considered by the Council. In other respects they will be glad to help journalists.