Multilateral inter-municipal cooperation

21.06.2022 18:10
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Multilateral inter-municipal cooperation

The action plan on provision of clean drinking water, solid waste removal, and maintenance of municipal roads is being realized in Ketmen-Dobo and Cholpon-Ata AA within the framework of the Public Service Improvement Project, implemented by Helvetas and the Development Policy Institute, funded by the Swiss Government.

Ketmen-Dobo and Cholpon-Ata AA were selected as pilot municipalities for inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) in this Project and signed a memorandum of cooperation in April 2019. The trainings and seminars conducted by the Project contributed to inter-municipal cooperation and increased the potential of employees of the two municipalities and the municipal enterprise “Taza Aimak”

Focus groups with various vulnerable people in the two aiyl aimaks were held to find out priority problems. The identified issues were discussed at a general meeting with the participation of residents, council deputies, local leaders, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. In this regard, certain amendments to the SEDPs were made and working groups were created to develop a service improvement action plan (SIAP) to solve the local issues. As a result, the servants of two municipalities developed this document and jointly participated in the grant competition, in which they won a grant in the amount of 5,000,000 KGS. At the same time, they made their own contribution in the amount of 2,250,000 KGS, in total they implemented the SIAP in the amount of 7,250,000 KGS.

The documentation of the municipal enterprise "Taza Aimak", established under the Ketmen-Dobo aiyl okmotu, was compiled and updated.

In focus groups with vulnerable segments of the population, the issues of tariff calculation and organization of a sustainable solid waste collection service were explained and discussed. Then the tariff was reviewed at a public hearing, where protocol was prepared and the tarrif was adopted by the deputies of the local council. At the session of the local council, it was decided that the tariff for each household will be 78 KGS in the villages of Ketmen-Dobo AA and 100 KGS for households located in the villages of Cholpon-Ata AA.

At the same time, a garage was organized to better the material base of the service provider, organization of the service, and safe placement of technical equipment. 1 separate room in the building of aiyl okmotu was transferred to the municipal enterprise. With the help of an expert, a unified register of the property of the municipal enterprise "Taza Aimak" was created, a special account was opened in the bank with the allocation of amortization deductions.

In addition, landfill sites were cleared, benches and light bulbs were installed with the funds provided by the Project. In the competition for the information campaign Ketmen-Dobo AA took part and won a commodity prize in the amount of 35400 KGS.

Thanks to trainings and seminars, the staff of the aiyl aimaks learned how to develop a SIAP for inter-municipal cooperation. They have acquired the skills of conducting public hearings by using data about the civil budget published on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, Cholpon-Ata aiyl okmotu took 1st place in the Jalal-Abad region, having developed one of the best socio-economic development program taking into account social and gender principles.

Since May 2022, inter-municipal cooperation services have been provided in Ketmen-Dobo AA, and since June in Cholpon-Ata AA.