56 local jurisdictions join Global Partnership to promote Open Government

20.10.2020 17:34
More details are available at: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/news/56-local-jurisdictions-join-global-partnership-to-promote-open-government/
56 local jurisdictions join Global Partnership to promote Open Government

Bishkek Mayor's Office in cooperation with the public association “Development Policy Institute” (DPI) have been selected to join the Open Government Partnership (OGP)1, an organization that brings together governments and civil society leaders to create more transparent, inclusive, and participatory government.

As a new member of OGP Local, the Development Policy Institute will support the Bishkek Mayor's Office in its work with local civil society organizations and other OGP members to advance the open government agenda locally and transform the way the government serves its citizens.

“Development Policy Institute (DPI) recognizes the importance of civil society and government collaboration to create reforms that respond to the needs of citizens in the Kyrgyz Republic. “The OGP Local” initiative offers a good platform to achieve this. As a new member of OGP Local, we hope to scale up these efforts in partnership with local stakeholders and incorporate lessons learned from other “The OGP Local” initiative members. After all, the solution of local matters is unthinkable without a dialogue of the local self-governments (LSG) with civil society and the population. The fate of managerial decisions, large projects, the success of any significant socio-political action and, in general, the policy pursued by local self-government bodies depend on support from the population. The obligations and responsibility of both state bodies and LSGs are to create conditions for the development of the whole system of providing services, regardless of their type, including creating conditions for the provision of commercial services through the development of the local economy, which in accordance with the Law “About local self-government" is a local issue”, - said Nadezhda DOBRETSOVA, the Chairperson of the Board of DPI, Kyrgyzstan.



1 OGP received more than 110 joint applications from governments and civil society organizations at the local level in 2020 expressing their interest in joining OGP Local.