Switzerland’s help in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemia

14.07.2020 14:27
Switzerland’s help in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemia

Assistance to 29 aiyl aimaks and the city of Kemin was provided by the “Voice of Citizens and Accountability of Local Self-Government: Budget Process” project financed by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Development Policy Institute (DPI). Total amount of assistance provided amounted to 6 million 383 thousand 940 soms.

 “Thanks to support of the Swiss people, the Project provided assistance to 4,911 families in need in 30 municipalities (27 target and 3 non-target) located in the Chui, Naryn and Osh oblasts. As part of the assistance to LSG bodies, humanitarian aid was provided to the population and antiseptics for visitors and staff of aiyl okmotu / mayor offices. The humanitarian aid was provided in the form of food packages: flour, pasta, granulated sugar, buckwheat, condensed milk, tea, vegetable oil, which were all purchased by DPI with the participation of representatives of the State Agency for Local Self-Government and Interethnic Relations, the Union of Local Self-Governments of the Kyrgyz Republic through an open competition[1],”said Bekbolot Bekiev, Project Manager.

To ensure transparency, accountability and targeted nature of the assistance provided, by the order of aiyl okmotu / mayor offices, local commissions were created, which included representatives of aiyl okmotu / mayo offices, deputies of aiyl kenesh, members of joint monitoring and evaluation groups (JM&E) and active representatives of local communities. The commissions directly participated in receipt and distribution of assistance to persons in need of this aid according to a list taking into account previously received assistance from other sources.

 “The list of recipients mainly included low-income families with children with disabilities. Thanks to the Project, we helped them and supported them during this difficult time,” said Ainura Seydakmatova, social worker at Burana AO, member of the Commission for the humanitarian assistance distribution.

Each family received a food package worth about 1,200 soms, consisting mainly of locally produced goods and products. Needy residents that received the food packages and the heads of some aiyl okmotu have expressed their gratitude to the donor that provided such support during the pandemic.

Sycheva Julia, 38 years old mother-heroine, resident of Boroldoy AA in Kemin rayon, Chui oblast: “I have seven children and raise them alone, my husband has recently passed away. This help was very helpful.”

Satarov Erkin, the head of the Ak-Tal aiyl okmotu in Naryn oblast: “Consequences of the coronavirus pandemic affected all not in the best way. In our municipality, for example, number of people in need who have lost their income due to quarantine has sharply increased. Along with government agencies and various sponsors that supported our municipality during this difficult time, the Swiss project “Voice of Citizens...” also helped us a lot, thanks to which we were able to provide 48 more families with food packages. On behalf of our municipality, we express our true gratitude to the Government of Switzerland and the Project implementer.”

For more details for media: Nurgul Dzhamankulova, Project PR Specialist: 0555 / 0500 313-385, 0770 771-711, njamankulova@dpi.kg

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