On October 11-12, 2018 the opening ceremonies of improved services took place in Balykchy, Aral AA and Lipenka AA of the Issyk-Kul region

15.10.2018 12:51
On October 11-12, 2018 the opening ceremonies of improved services took place in Balykchy, Aral AA and Lipenka AA of the Issyk-Kul region

On October 11, 2018  in Balykchy town, in the framework of the “Public Service Improvement” Project funded by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by a consortium of organizations composed of Helvetas and the Development Policy Institute, the opening ceremony of the central park, carried out as part of the service improvement action plan implementation on “Organization of recreation and culture in the central park of Balykchy” was conducted. The total amount of resources directed to the reconstruction of the park was 8 000 000 KGS. Out of which 50% was allocated by the “Public Service Improvement” Project and 50% was the municipality’s own contribution.

As part of the reconstruction, paving was done on the territory of 2.5 hectares, lighting was installed, a fencing around the perimeter of the park was installed and a toilet with a compartment for people with disabilities was built. Park areas in the amount of 4.5 thousand square meters will be leased to private entrepreneurs to ensure the sustainability of recreation services.

Damira Noruzbayeva, a resident of Balykchy: - “Two years ago, the park was considered abandoned, there were no conditions for recreation and it was a haunting place for criminals. There is no park or square, except for the beach in the town, where you could spend time with children and grandchildren, sit and talk with other townspeople. When we learned that the park will be finally reconstructed, we were very happy. Now they have fenced the park, equipped a platform with benches and lighting. In the evening we gather in the park with the children, they play on the playground and ride bicycles. We also learned that local entrepreneurs are going to rent a site in order to install trampolines and other attractions. If so, our park will be the most visited place all year round."

In the Aral aiyl aymak of the Tyup district on October 12, 2018, a new drinking water supply system was opened in new settlements of the Aral and Min-Bulak villages. Ensuring access to clean drinking water for residents of new buildings has become possible in the framework of the “Public Service Improvement”.

By participating as a pilot municipality, the Ayil Okmotu implemented a plan to provide clean drinking water to the population of new buildings, by expanding the existing water supply system of the Aral village to new settlements, through building a new water supply system of 3540 meters totaling 4200135 KGS. As part of the SIAP implementation, the Aiyl Okmotu, together with the workers of “Belek” CDWUU, carried out the calculation of the economically reasonable tariff in accordance with the methodology.

The updated calculation of the tariff was submitted for discussion among population, presented at a public hearing and approved by the population of the aiyl aimak, and approved at the session of the Ayil Kenesh. The previous tariff was 25 KGS monthly per person and the tariff after a new calculation is 30 KGS per 1 m3.

The accounting system has been updated, as well as the billing subscriber accounting system has been installed. The CDWUU moves from supplying water through street columns to the yard supply through water meters, which ensures rational use of drinking water, as well as an increase in the level of charge for drinking water services. Thanks to the implementation of this project, today more than 500 residents of new buildings in the villages of Aral and Min-Bulak have gained access to clean drinking water!

Ashyrmatov Talant, a resident of the Aral village: - “For how long we live here, we always had a problem with drinking water, we had to transport from the village and make stocks for the whole day. Now drinking water is in our home and it is a great joy and convenience for the whole family!”

On October 12, in the village of Bogatyrovka of the Lipenska Ayil Aimak, the opening ceremony of the kindergarten took place, in the framework of the implementation of a plan to improve the services of preschool education.

Due to the successful cooperation in the framework of the “Public Service Improvement” Project Lipenka AA of the Jeti-Oguz region has won a grant to improve educational services for children of preschool age. An action plan to improve education services for preschool children included the rehabilitation of a former kindergarten in the village of Bogatyrovka.

Here is what the director of the kindergarten, at the same time the member of the initiative-working group, Sultanalieva Kymbat says about this: «There was no kindergarten on the territory of Lipenka Ayil Aimak. Currently, with the help of the grant we won to improve services, the former building of a kindergarten, preserved from Soviet times, which was in a very deplorable condition, has been repaired, and a new building has been constructed. It meets all modern requirements. All necessary equipment and training materials for pre-school children were purchased. Jety-Oguz district education department approved the staffing table and tariffing of the kindergarten.

Asanaly Buylashev, a resident of the village Bogatyrovka: “We are very pleased that we have a kindergarten, where our grandchildren will learn and get knowledge. After all, it is not a secret that children, who are well prepared at preschool age, become the most successful at school, and indeed in life.”