Successful Aimak 2 (USAID, 2021-2025)

10.12.2021 10:07
Successful Aimak 2 (USAID, 2021-2025)

Duration: Sep. 2021 – Sep. 2025

Budget: $4.9 million

Implementation partner: Development Policy Institute (DPI)

Key partners:​ East-West Management Institute/ Union of Local Self-Governments/ Local Governance Academy of Central Asia/ Civil Initiative on Internet Policy/ Civic Participation Fund/ Interbilim-Osh/ Alliance for Promotion of Civil Initiatives

Activity location: Jalal-Abad, Issyk-Kul, Naryn and Osh oblasts

USAID contact: Timurlan Baiserkeev,

DPI contact: Sabina Gradwal,

Successful Aimak 2 aims to improve the well-being of citizens by improving the quality of public services provided by local governments. Over four years, the project will assist 50 municipalities in the Jalal-Abad, Issyk-Kul, Naryn, and Osh oblasts of Kyrgyzstan.

The project’s work to improve local public service delivery will focus on the following three objectives:

  • Expand effective service delivery of citizen-prioritized services. 
  • Increase citizen engagement in municipal decision-making.
  • Strengthen national policy and sharing of best-practices for better municipal management nation-wide.

Successful Aimak 2 supports the Kyrgyz Government’s Civic Identity Concept, in particular the Goal 4: Equal conditions in access to governance and decision-making processes.


Better Management Practices

Through partnership with Successful Aimak 2, municipalities will receive training and mentorship to improve management practices.  The project’s support will enable them to expand key municipal services, such as water supply, waste removal, as well as to improve the work of sports and culture facilities, and public parks.

More Sustainable Public Services

The project will help municipalities introduce new approaches to sustainably funding public services, such as calculating sustainable tariffs, judiciously increasing tax or fee revenues, partnering with local entrepreneurs, and using IT solutions to facilitate service payments.

Services that Meet Citizen’s Needs

The project will work with groups of active citizens in target municipalities to provide feedback about the quality of municipal services.  Successful Aimak 2 will also support citizen engagement in determining how and where services are delivered and in overseeing local government budgets.

Strengthened Women’s Leadership at the Local Level

The project will support local women’s leadership by training and mentoring new women local councilors and supporting women-led committees for the protection of domestic violence. The project will also train a group of local self-government gender experts, who will work with municipalities and national policy-makers to ensure services meet the needs of both men and women.  

Best Practices and New Management Tools Available to All Local Self Governments 

Successful Aimak 2 will bring municipalities together to exchange their experiences and best practices in service delivery at national and regional events and study tours. The project will support local governments to work together to find and implement the best solutions to local challenges.  At the national level, the project will partner with the Kyrgyz government and civil society to support practical measures and legislative initiatives to strengthen local government management and service delivery.