Success stories

"Children with disabilities from Kara-Kul can get demanded occupations"

Project: "There are no others’ children" Customer: Kara-Kul, Jalal-Abad oblast. Executor: Public Fund “Aymira”.

Due to limited resources, most children with disabilities cannot be taught in the specialized institutions. In connection with that, most of them have been just forgotten. Read more (available in Russian). 


"Magic smile of Fatima"

Project "Adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities, through the opening of the Rehabilitation Center". Customer: Kargalyk ayil aimak, Toguz Toro raion, Jalal-Abad oblast. Executor: Public Foundation "Family to every child".

Children like Fatima go to school much later than other children do, and they often have co-morbid conditions with hearing and visual impairments. They are to regularly take rehabilitation treatment… Read more (available in Russian). 


"Every child is valuable"

Project: "Investing in the children’ education". Customer: Katran ayil aimak, Leilek raion, Batken oblast. Executor: Public Foundation "Insan Leilek".

Katran ayil aimak is one of the remote municipalities of the country. There was only one kindergarten in Katran ayil aimak, covering only 132 children, despite there are more than 1000 children of pre-school age who live in the aymak. And around 200 children go to school without any pre-school preparation. Read more (available in Russian).


"My daughter Akbermet is ready for school"

Project "Opening the pre-school education center in Sary-Dobo village" Customer: Sumbula ayil aimak, Leilek raion, Batken oblast. Executor: Public Fund "Bilek"

Beginning from May 15, 2015, Akbermet with other 58 children aged 3-6 years began to visit the pre-school education center. Read more (available in Russian).


"The right to a happy future"

Project "Pre-school education for children who do not attend school" Customer: Kok-Oi ayil aimak, Talas raion, Talas oblast. Executor: Public Organization “Centre for Development of Civil Initiatives" Aykol".

While attending the course, Samudin was noticed to be changed: he became more active, energetic and social; in very short time he could learn all 36 letter of the alphabet; count almost all numbers, and began to read. And, the most important feature of him was retelling fairy tales in very expressive manner… Read more (available in Russian).


"The issue of pre-school education is addressed in Terek-Say ayil aimak"

Project "Promotion of children from poor families for pre-school education." Customer: Terek-Sai ayil aimak, Chatkal raion, Jalal-Abad oblast. Executor: Public Fund "Aikan".

Through the opening new pre-school preparation center resulted in Azamat together with other children from 60 low-income families. Read more (available in Russian).


"Little 5-year-old Bolotbek became an independent"

Project: “Balastan”. Customer: Chatkal ayil aimak, Chatkal raion, Jalal-Abad oblast. Executor: Public organization "TOS Kurulush".

Since the collapse of the USSR almost all kindergartens stopped functioning. Only two of five were somehow managed to be saved. But, due to the big amount of children of pre-school age the problem was not being solved for many years… Read more (available in Russian).

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