“Municipalities have proven the ability to determine the need in the service and make the social procurement, NGOs have proven the ability to organize and provide the this service”

The hypotheses put in 2013, at the start of the GIZ/ Fonds Project on Municipal Social Procurement, were confirmed in 2015 - social procurement demonstrated its advantages at the municipal level. Read more (available in Russian).


"The constraints of the social procurement: communications, NGO consortium, infrastructure"

11 municipalities of the Kyrgyz Republic started to implement social projects through the mechanism of the social procurement in 2013-2014. Read more (available in Russian).


"Social procurement - joint work of local governments and NGOs"

Social procurement is widely spread in Bulgaria. According to adat provided by Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, 211 social services (19%) of a total 1100 were provided by NGOs through the mechanism of the social procurement. Read more (available in Russian).


"The role and placement of evaluation within the management of the project"

The quality of project management depends far more on the clear understanding of the management resources, sensitivity to what is happening within the framework of the project, and the ability to guide and make the corrections. Read more (available in Russian).


The book " Social Projects’ Assessment"

Author: Nodar Khananashvili, an expert in the development of inter-sector cooperation and social partnership. This book is a continuation of the research work in studying the formation of methodical basics of assessment, mainly in the sphere of assessment of social projects and programs. Read more (available in Russian).


"The level of cooperation between LSG bodies and civil society organizations (CSOs and NGOs) must be higher"

Authors: Nadezhda Dobretsova, Ainura Dzhunushalieva, Development Policy Institute.

NGOs play the key role in the implementation of municipal social procurement. They become executors of the social procurement by offering solutions of social issues… Read more (available in Russian).